About Lena Vito

Lena Vito is my professional name. I come from Ukraine, a country in the Eastern Europe. Having majored in teaching English and French as foreign languages, I worked for one of the European economic development institutions before moving to Canada. 

Here in Quebec, I was trained in business administration, worked for a large Canadian insurance company and as a beauty consultant for a well-known cosmetic brand. Besides, I have been passionate about dances since early age and was lucky to get a chance to teach dances to kids and adults in between my day job and raising my kids.  
My interest in aromatherapy started with a search for natural alternatives to synthetic domestic cleaning products which caused unpleasant reactions in my body. Then I realized I can substitute my expensive beauty products with all-natural ones, with awesome results. And finally, when my first ever therapeutic skin oil helped relieve my daughter's eczema we were struggling with for years, I hesitated no more. In order to be able to share my passion with others, I took a professional in-depth training in aromatherapy and am holding a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional (CAHP®) designation.  I am also trained in the Bach Flower Remedies by  the certified North American provider of the Bach Flower Education™. 

I am an active member of Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) and Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN). I offer services in English, French and Russian languages.

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My Mission

To offer my clients high quality services through a natural holistic approach to:


Unlike traditional medicine focused on treating the symptoms, holistic approach to health means looking at each person as a whole, that is beyond the physical body, and addressing all aspects of being: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental health.


Holistic skin care products contain only natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts, phytonutrients and antioxidants, and of course essential oils. Using such products does not only benefit our physical body, but also promotes our mental and emotional health.


In order to stay balanced, we need to care for our body, mind and spirit. When we are in physical pain, our mind and spirit will suffer. And vice versa: our physical dis-ease most likely appears on emotional or mental level before manifesting in a physical form. 


I had a pleasure to purchase several aromatherapy products from Lena Vito, such as personal inhalers, foaming hand soap, intensive foot/hand balm, perfume oil, jojoba oil for care around eyes. Really loved them all! After using a foot and hand balm for several days, I returned to buy more for my family. The balm worked magic! I had minor cuts and wounds on the fingertips which healed in about four days. The balm texture is pleasant, not to speak about the wonderful chocolate scent. I use the balm before bedtime and my hands are so silky in the morning. Very pleased with the result.


Consultant at Norwex

I'm in love with the quality of  products and services provided by Lena Vito Aromatherapy. Lena is attentively gathering information about you, your needs, taste and magically turns it into the amazing personalized products that not only are great quality, but also have very pleasant smell and texture something that I was not able to ever find in mass-produced lines.



Administrative Assistant