Akashic Records reading session: Soul Purpose

Akasha in Sanskrit means “primary substance”, “that from which everything is made.” The Akashic Records can be described as multidimensional memory, or an information storage in the form of energy, in which one can trace the path of the evolution of their Soul up to the moment of its inception. What can the Akash perspective give us?

In the process of spiritual development every human being sooner or later returns to the Source of all creation, regardless of how they understand it or what name they use to define it. The Akash guides us to the source of our Soul’s origin, and thus allows us to strengthen the connection with our deepest essence.

At the most primary level, we are all part of one energy field, but at the same time each of us has their own unique “configuration” of energies, from which the uniqueness of each Soul is born. The Akash field stores a personal “record” about each Soul, all its incarnations and experiences, and this information is available for reading, on condition there is a desire and expressed intention of the person.

The Akashic Records reading session helps people who are in search of connection with their deepest Self to learn the following information:

  • your Soul’s group of origin;
  • your Divine Gifts, or dominant vibrations, alignment with which will help you feel more in harmony and better understand your purpose in life;
  • number of incarnations on Earth, the lessons and experiences your Soul chose to learn in this life, and the vibrational level of consciousness at the moment.

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Akashic Records reading session: Relationships

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”: the title of a popular book by John Gray, which at one time was the best-selling book on relationships between men and women, has long become a fixed expression. And although many of the ideas about the psychology of human relations described in the book are already outdated, for some of us the expression itself has a special meaning. I mean those who are familiar with the Akashic Records and know their Soul’s Origin Group.

At the Soul level some of us indeed may come from Mars, while others may first have incarnated on Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, or even in Parallel Worlds. According to various opinions, there are currently about 60 different Star Groups present around the Earth, many of which have their “representatives” incarnated here. And although at birth we all forget who we are at the Soul’s level, with an increase in the consciousness of each person and the planet Earth as a whole, many of us begin to “remember” gradually.

It is amazing what kind of deep knowledge humanity has at its possession at this moment of history. For example, in addition to determining the Soul’s Group of Origin, we know something about the history of those Groups, their dominant vibrations and energetic “qualities”, i.e. those distinctive features by which a person can recognize themselves in one or another stellar “nationality”. And imagine that you know these deep features not only about yourself, but also about your partner, child or parent? How radically our idea of ​​a person may change when we begin to better understand their deepest Self!

During the Akashic Records reading session on Relationships, you can learn the following information about yourself and your partner:

  • belonging to the same Soul Family and the type of relationship in current life;
  • shared history (common incarnations, karma, contracts, balance and lessons of this relationship);
  • blocks and restrictions that affect both partners.

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Akashic Records reading session: Energetic Maintenance

The Akashic Records is a wonderful tool that allows not only to determine the energy potential of the Soul, but also to see what blocks and restrictions prevent you from expressing your full potential, in order to subsequently remove those blocks.

How does it work? Most of us are aware that each person, in addition to the physical body, has their own energetic system, which manifests itself through the energy centers called “chakras”. From ancient Sanskrit, “chakra” is translated as a “wheel”, and it is believed that there are 7 main chakras in the body that are responsible for our life force. The energy in our chakras “spins” like a wheel and supports vital activity at all levels. And if for some reason there is a failure or blockage of energy, this immediately affects how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Reading your energy levels through Akashic Records allows you to get a deep understanding of your chakra system balance at present moment, and what is very important – to see and remove the root cause of any existing block, which often originates in the past lives. For example, financial problems are very often associated with blockages in the 2nd chakra, which correlates with this sphere; self-doubt may “originate” in a partially blocked 3rd chakra; and hidden resentments and disappointments can affect the 4th chakra, when we shut our hearts and experience difficulties in relationships with others. Through the Akashic Records, one can see and trace the history of such blocks’ origins in the memory of the Soul in order to consciously close the lessons learnt and restore the flow of energies into chakras.

Would you like to check your energetic alignment and remove blocks in your chakra system, if there are any? Or do you have repeating difficulties in life, and you feel that the problem is deep and you need help to deal with it? You are welcome to book a session by clicking here.

Introductory Session

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